Hard, Harder, Hardest III

Get your riders ready for six sets of hard, harder, hardest intervals. Challenge riders to explore what hard, harder and hardest means to them on that day, for that ride, because we all know it varies.

What I love about this profile (and why it’s version three), is the opportunity to coach riders to be aware of the mental aspect of hard, harder and hardest. Yes, it’s definitely physical – and we have metrics and RPE to help with that – but go beyond those measures. Challenge riders to bring awareness to the role judgement plays and how that changes as the ride progresses. Coach that it’s okay to know that what was “hardest” on the first set might feel totally different on the last set, but that doesn’t make it less awesome – it was their hardest for that point in time and that’s more than okay.

Notes: You can see I used the Spinning® symbols, cycle shorthand if you will. If you’re not familiar with them do a search on the site and you’ll see a translation chart. Also, notice that the Total Time column starts with the second song.

Have fun and take the opportunity to coach the mental aspect of this ride!



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