3,2,1 Go!

Using RPE or Watts, riders find threshold/best 2:00 effort. That effort is used to set goals for the ride – pick a target for 3:00 below threshold, 2:00 at your number/threshold (this one’s non-negotiable), 1:00 above and then 15 seconds all out. Refuel. Repeat. Then 1:00 below TH, 1:00 at TH, 30 sec. above, 30 sec. all out. Refuel. Repeat. Last challenge: gear up for 1:00 determining what’s left in the tank and then hit a 2:00 all out best effort to take it across the finish line.

I structured the playlist to encourage riders to rely on their form, mental focus and rhythm to hold steady, so during the over threshold and all out efforts, there’s not a big high-energy sound. Until the last song, when their legs and lungs need some serious fuel from the music, then it’s Stabbing Westward rocking the house! The first two songs are warm-up. Edge of Affection is the full recovery song.

Do your thing – have fun with it. Let us know how it goes and as always, stay awesome!

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