After Your First Ride Back

What do you have planned for your riders beyond that highly anticipated, special first ride back?  Have you thought about it? I have, even more than my “return ride”.

I am working on creating an experience that will unfold over a three-month timeframe, peaking with a special theme ride.  My riders vary in age, but are predominately over forty years old, are mostly fit and motivated; however, most don’t ride outside, run or own an indoor bicycle. Coming out of the gate guns-a-blazin’ feels off, so I’m building a set of profiles that focus on a theme of rebuilding and rebirth.

My first ride will frame the start of something new because returning to our riders will be new. Nothing will ever be the same. By definition, it can’t be. We have all been through, and are still going through, life-altering experiences. For some, this pandemic has been deeply traumatic, physically, financially and emotionally. For others, like myself, we have, so far, escaped becoming ill and have not lost critical income or loved ones. But we have been impacted.  How, and for how long, will unfold.  What I want to explore in my collection of profiles is how have we, and how are we continuing to experience, cope, and yes, thrive in this new reality? What have we learned about others and ourselves? What behavioral mementos will we keep from this unexpected trip that we’re on? What will our Phoenix bird arise as?

As instructors, we know the magical power of indoor cycling. Our ability to create deeply unifying, healing and joyful experiences on a bike that goes nowhere but can take us everywhere is our super power. Sometimes our rides help prepare us for life; sometimes they reflect and celebrate life. Endurance, mental stamina, finding joy in unexpected moments, quite strength, peaks and valleys of understanding, clarity through fog, patience, newfound energy and victory. These themes – all elements of rebuilding and rebirth – will shape my profiles, inspire my coaching, and hopefully mold my rides into an experience that helps to take us on a new journey forward.

Our rides are our gifts to our riders and their whole-hearted participation is their gift to us. As instructors, our gift to each other is our shared passion, mutual sharing and support. As always, I will share my rides with you.

Let’s stay more connected then ever through this uncertainty, this shifting sand that we’re navigating together as our Clubs begin to reopen. Share your ideas, your questions, fears, joy, successes – your hopes for that first day back and everything thereafter.

The picture with this post is the first page of a book I created years ago as a gift for my “Spin Sisters”, five friends bonded through the magic of indoor cycling.  I return to this page now and then when I need to remember and leverage what I’ve learned along the way.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay awesome.

Much love-


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