All the Right Moves

Coach your riders through 10 indoor cycling movements – great for experienced and new riders! Intensity and RPM parameters are already associated with each movement (whatever your certification uses) so adjust within those for your audience. (See last week’s article How to Challenge All Rider Levels for tips.) This is a super versatile profile that you can truly make your own based on your riders’ fitness and experience level.

I realize accelerations and fast flats (95-110 RPM) are not “movements” but ways to play with speed on a seated flat road but I’m counting them in the 10. I also include Sprints in the saddle and out of the Saddle (I’m Mad Dogg Spinning® certified and we learned both). If you’re a BPM-based instructor, you’ll probably swap out some of the songs. I use both BPM and energy (something we’ll address in our next workshop).

Lastly, you can play with the order of the movements. If I were teaching a Cycle 101 class and wanted to demonstrate movement progression, I would change the order to: flat road, standing flat (out of the saddle in hand position 2 (OOS HP2); jumps in hand position 2 (HP2), accelerations, fast flat, sprints in the saddle and then keep the rest as is. You might have a different take on a logical progression – use that! This progression felt right for my riders (all experienced with one brand new rider this week).

Have fun, make your own and stay awesome!

All the Right Moves Cycle Profile



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