ATA Intervals

ATA – Aerobic, Threshold, Anaerobic. Not the sexiest name, but it’s crazy rich in coaching opportunities! Practice coaching what threshold is in layman’s terms; guide riders through pedal stroke technique; use language to meld breath, pace and form to go deep with mind/body connection – the possibilities are endless.

We’ve got several videos and articles on coaching threshold, pedal stroke and using recovery time. Check them out or revisit for pointers and ideas. I’m also including a quick chart as a reminder of ATA duration and work to rest ratio. Enjoy!

Ride notes: For previewing ride moves (second song), flow through (approx.) 10 sec. each of: moderate flat road, seated climb, standing in hand position 2 (HP2), out to hand position 3 (HP3/standing climb). Repeat several times. The focus is on flowing through the moves at a pace that feels right, noticing the connection of proper resistance in creating seamless transitions between moves.

Quick reminder that I use a 9 second crossfade on my playlists so the song length shown is always shorter.

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