August Freestyle

Jumps are the stars of this profile. Coach riders to build a solid seated climb, move into a strong standing climb, then use their strength, balance and grace to move in and out of the saddle using their legs as the driver both up and down – “no pulling, no plopping”. Between the strength efforts, add variety to the refuel efforts with 30 sec. running flats and pick-ups. If you could use some inspiration to for coaching great technique with jumps, check out or revisit our jumps videos!

Shout out to Five Spokes follower Joy Irvington for the idea to use the song Inside back-to-back. We both use a 9 sec. fade on Spotify and it sounds seamless. I use the awesome spin classic Generate (I was feelin’ the need for a tried and true the night I put the playlist together!) so rife on that however you see fit. Finish strong and hard with the song Indestructible.

Have fun, be creative and let us know how it goes!

Spin Profile August Freestyle.jpeg

Spotify Spin Playlist August Freestyle




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