Chase the Road

Coach and cue the first seven songs (approx. 25 min), then it’s rider’s time to “chase the road” however they envision it. The only parameter is a moderate (first one) to sort-of-hard (second one) rate of perceived exertion. Why not more? It’s their time, it’s their road. Will they push themselves without your encouragement? After the first chase (approx. 8:00), ask them what was more challenging – when you laid out the what and the how hard or when they did? At the end of the ride, during the cool down, invite them to explore when they challenged themselves the most.

I love to observe what each rider does – who pushes themselves, who takes it easy, who drops into a beautiful flow, who fidgets and keeps checking their Fitbit.  How we ride says so much about us.

If you haven’t heard Miley Cyrus’ new song, Nothing Else Matters, you are in for a major treat! She’s joined by WATT, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Trujillo and Chad Smith. Come on!! Wait until you hear Yo-Yo’S solo at the end of this song.

I recommend teeing-up the last “chase the road” then staying silent. No timing, no encouragement – just let them melt into the music made by these amazing artists and go!

Chase the Road Spotify Playlist

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