Climb Sandwiches

Four climbs sandwiched between sort-of-hard efforts and refuels. After the warm-up and 3:00 of pick-ups to get riders ready, coach to find a sort-of-hard RPE/below threshold intensity and hold. Roll into the first 6:00 climb, breaking it up with 1:00 seated, then 1:00 standing challenges. Refuel and repeat as shown in the profile.

This is one of my favorite profiles and playlists. I hope you and your riders enjoy it too!

If you’re not familiar with the symbols, check out our article “Profile Symbols” on what they mean. I still use paper for my notes so the symbols help keep it short :).

As always, have fun, make your own and let me know how it goes!

Climb Sandwiches Profile

Climb Sandwiches Spotify Playlist




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