Creating Energy to Fuel Your Profile!

Have you ever asked an instructor how their class went and their response was something along the lines of: The riders just weren’t that into it?

It’s easy to conclude that a less than stellar result is primarily due to something that is out of our control.

And while that is true at times, to ensure you are always improving your delivery, if something doesn’t land, ask yourself what you could have done differently to shift the outcome, starting with: Did I convey the energy I wanted my riders to feel?

Always have a goal for how you want the ride to feel during each segment, then coach to unlock the energy in your riders with your music, the inflection and volume of your voice, the variety you build into your profile and your words.

For example:

Mirror both the anticipation and enthusiasm in your voice to the builds and peaks in the music. Let’s say the class is 90 seconds in to a seated climb and you are going to have them add resistance and come out of the saddle into a standing climb at the two-minute mark.

Ideally, you’ve timed it such that the music changes to match the timing of the added effort. Then, when the energy of the song starts to build toward that change over the next 30 seconds, time your cueing and the energy in your voice to mirror that build.

“In 30 seconds, we’re going to add resistance and come into a standing climb (voice has anticipation). We’re going in 15 (voice conveys urgency). Start to add what you need. (voice gets louder and a bit faster.) Give it a big turn – we’re up, we’re on! (this is your ‘we’re off to the races’ voice).”

Contrast this to simply delivering your cues in the same tone and volume of voice.

Remember, you are responsible for the energy in your class, not the other way around. Use your voice, music and enthusiasm to create the energy you want your riders to feel!

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