(Drop In) Somewhere New

Challenge your riders to “drop in” somewhere new after each change in cadence or resistance. Instead of going back to where they were (resistance or cadence), coach riders to let each change take them somewhere new, explore and hold.

It’s the perfect theme for returning to rides in a changed world!

Ride notes: Use the second song to have riders take note of the speed they naturally prefer and use this as a baseline RPM. If you don’t have meters, you can use good old fashioned cadence counts (for 15 seconds, have riders pick a leg and count each rotation then multiple by 4 – this will give them their Revolutions Per Minute/RPM).  The up arrow means increase. Surge=RPM burst. OOS=Out of the Saddle. HP2=Hand Position 2. If you’re Spin certified, this is a running flat. HP3=Hand Position 3. Spin certified=Standing climb.

Somewhere New Spin Profile

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