This is a great profile for “movement junkies” (you know, riders who consider a move that lasts more than 1:30 to be torture). It’s challenging, fun and will definitely get the sweat flowing!

There are five pairs of challenges – each pair reverses the move time. For example, the first “duo” is a 40 second seated climb, into a 20 second standing climb, three times, followed by a quick 30 second refuel, then the timing is reversed: standing climb for 40 seconds and a seated climb for 20 seconds, three times.

The paired movements in 8-11 of the profile can be especially challenging as riders move from a high cadence on a flat road to adding enough resistance to come out of the saddle into hand position 2 for a running flat (8-9). About 5 seconds before the transition, I cue riders to slow their cadence as they add resistance so that they’re ready to come out of the saddle safely. Same with jumps in hand position 2 (10-11).

Have fun. Make it your own, let us know how it goes and stay awesome!

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