Endurance Strength Intervals (Trail Mix)

Five intervals: build rider proficiency with the first two 4:00 (give or take a few seconds) efforts with 3-4:00 recoveries. Then challenge them to nearly double it with the third interval. Following the recovery, the fourth interval is back to 4:00+ with a 2:00 recovery (use the beginning of song 10 “All Over Again” for the recovery) then roll right into a 6:00 interval to finish. RPM starts in the high 80s to mid-90s and progressively drops into the 70s as resistance builds.

The name Endurance Strength Intervals is great for instructors but I called it Trail Mix for my riders – much easier to “sell” and entice! It aligns with one of their goals to start riding the local trails as the weather warms up.

I’m not prescriptive in the profile on RPM – give riders RPM parameters but focus on intensity goals by coaching them to stay below threshold and maintain nose to nose breath as much as possible to meet the goals of the ride – and ultimately their goal of noticing a difference in their performance/enjoyment – however they look at it!

The music vibe I wanted was primarily edgy/grungy, so I reached into my 90s folder and used some of my favorites. Remember that your music should support the goals of the ride – and this one is to endure – so if you change up the playlist, consider staying true to a sound that isn’t too upbeat and pop-like. No judgment, just a suggestion! (Yes, I know I used Sia :))

How to read the shorthand: Z=Zone; Up arrow with an R = increase resistance; OOS HP3 = out of the saddle hand position 3. Setting baseline = find an RPM& resistance that sets you up to work from for the upcoming effort.




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