Fast and Strong

This profile builds on lasts week’s Micro Bursts II profile by extending the duration of accelerations and adding resistance for the “burst” on climbs. Riders find a baseline for each movement and then either primarily increase speed or resistance.

For example, for the first fast flat (FF) (say that three times fast!) using the song Reckless Heart, riders find and hold a FF (I generally coach RPM to be in the 90s) for 1:45, then they accelerate speed for :30, drop back to where they were, then accelerate again for :45.

For the song Hush – which I LOVE – they add enough resistance to come out of the saddle in hand position two for 1:00 and keep a higher RPM than they would on a big climb, and then add resistance (arrowR) and hold for 1:00, add resistance again and hold for 1:00. You get the picture!

As always, if you need a refresher on the symbols, just reference our article explaining each.

Have fun – let us know how it goes!

Strong and Fast Profile

Fast and Strong Spotify Playlist




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