Fifty-Fifty Speed/Strength Challenges

If your riders are ready for a serious challenge, this is the profile for them! Four 6:00 minute speed/strength efforts with 2:00 refuels and a 4:00 final strength/speed effort. The goal is to have riders find a steady cadence, accelerate strong for :30 then return to the cadence. I coached returning to the steady cadence as the “challenge within the challenge”. Riders tend to be good at accelerating and then backing all the way off, but this is about the discipline and mental tenacity (and fitness!) to return to the RPMs they accelerated from to hold until the next acceleration.

The basic structure of this profile is easy to tweak. Play with your three levers: duration, movement and intensity and you’ll have a profile you can reuse over and over. And for more time-savings, don’t forget to use Spotify’s “Create Similar Playlist” option when making tweaks to create a fresh playlist!

We use this profile in our online workshop “How to Create a Great Class in 5 Steps” to demonstrate how to make your profiles smart, flexible and reusable. If you haven’t attended, the next workshop is Wednesday October 23rd, 2:00pm EST. Let me know if you’re interested and we can get you registered!

Have fun – let me know if you have any questions. Stay awesome!

Fifty-Fifty Challenges

Fifty-Fifty Challenges Spotify Playlist




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