I kicked off 2020 Friday 6:00am class with this butt-kicker that just might be my new favorite ride. After the warm-up and a quick set of pick-ups, challenge riders with four intervals, flipping from 1:2 to 2:1 and from speed to strength. Between each there are 3:00 fast flats and heavy climbs.

For each set of intervals, I did two sets in the saddle and two sets out with the option (as always) to stay seated for all four.

My coaching focus was on being unafraid of kicking it for the strong efforts because they were guaranteed refuel/recovery time and to be mindful to take only what they needed on those refuels.

The 3:00 climb (#6 Longest Road) that rolls right into a 3:00 fast flat (#7 Salvation) after a :45 refuel between is a deceptive challenge. During these two efforts, I briefly riffed on “small changes, big impacts” and fighting negative self-talk/ judgment when things get unexpectedly hard (I’m tired, this sucks, I’m done, etc.) Coach riders to focus instead on their pedal stroke, the rhythm of the music, their breath and creating flow.

I hope everyone welcomes in the new decade with an amazing ride- have fun and stay awesome!

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