Four 8:00 loops ending with a strong, fast straightaway to finish. I chose fast flats, jumps and out of the saddle in hand position 3 for the movements; between 1-2:00 for duration with refuels between each loop. Just a reminder that I use the word “refuel” vs. recover when a recovery might not be necessary for your riders (unlike after sprints when recovery is absolutely necessary). One size doesn’t fit all your riders so use your judgment and the work-to-rest ratios you learned in your cert classes :)!

This simple structure enables a lot of flexibility. It’s easy to select your own movements and durations. With 8:00 loops, changing some (or all!) of the songs is also convenient. It’s not hard to find two songs that equal approximately 8:00 and you can also adjust how you use the refuel segments.


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