Freestyle Friday

This profile mixes it up with a combination of strength and speed!

Here’s how it breaks down:

Start off with an 8:30 combo of seated and standing climbs with songs 3&4. After a 2:30 flat to refuel in song 5, riders add resistance and come out of the saddle into hand position 2 for a 1:00 running flat.

Song 6 – challenge riders to increase speed and power every 1:30. After a 2:00 flat road refuel in song 7, jumps in hand position 2 for 1:00, seated climb 1:00 then another round of 1:00 jumps in hand position 2.

Songs 8 & 9 – Cadence ladder. Riders increase speed each minute 3 times then incrementally decrease their speed 3 times (that’s the real challenge!).

Song 10 – Strong fast flat for 1:00, 2:00 refuel, then reignite the fast flat.

Song 11 – Refuel for 1:00, then finish with two rounds of :30 running with resistance to :30 seated climbs. Leave everything on the table with a strong standing climb to the end. Song 12 – Full recovery.

Freestyle Friday Spin Profile





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