Great With 8!

Eight strength intervals to build muscular endurance and mental tenacity.

Each interval starts with a seated, sort-of-hard intensity, progresses to an equal duration hard effort, and ends with a 30 second harder intensity out of the saddle. The last interval has the longest durations and a 1:00 challenge to finish.

You can spotlight a specific area of coaching for each interval. Here’s what I did:

1st – Pedal stroke

2nd – Internal motivation. (Notice the song transition leaves the OOS effort silent – supports the theme of internal vs. external motivation)

3rd – When you’re conditioned, when you’ve put the work in, it allows you to focus on mastery and the joy of the ride.

4th – Mastery requires the fortitude to handle repetition, to find ways to stay with what’s not new and exciting. Almost always involves focusing on something other than what’s uncomfortable or tedious

5th – Revisit pedal stroke

6th & 7th – Flow state.

8th – Use everything, pedal stroke, internal motivation, flow – you know you can do this, so ride the joy!

Ride notes:

  • I use a 7 sec. crossfade on Spotify.
  • I reset my interval timer after the first two songs (warm-up and pick-ups). I reset it again after the first 15:00 set of three intervals.
  • The songs don’t necessarily align one-to-one with the interval sets so just press play and go!
  • If you download the profile, be sure to go to page 2 to see the playlist.
  • If you can get your riders to stay for the entire cool down song “32 Flavors” it’s SO worth it!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!

Enjoy  and Stay Awesome!



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