Six strength intervals in the saddle, hard to very hard Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). I’m calling each hard/very hard effort a Hammertime. Speed is up to the rider. However they get to the RPE is their choice, just coach them to find it and hold it!

These are 1:1 intervals (approximately 3:00 for each Hammertime with time in the beginning of most of the songs to find the RPE). Riders have plenty of time to refuel/recover between efforts so they can give each Hammertime their best effort.

What’s the difference between a Refuel and a Recovery? Riders don’t always need a full recovery or the same length of recovery for each interval so I encourage them to listen to their bodies and once their breath “evens out” to steady, sustainable nose-to-nose breathing with a light RPE, I coach them to consider adding a small amount of resistance to maintain a moderate RPE for the remainder of the Refuel.

I use the second song to extend the warm-up by having riders do 20 second accelerations out of the saddle, then used the last 30 seconds of that song to have riders find the resistance and RPM necessary to prep for the first Hammertime. For the refuels, I offer the option to come out of the saddle for however long they want to get a break from the seated position (butt break!).

This playlist goes from pop to rock. Have fun – make it your own and enjoy!

FSF Hammertime Profile



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