Hard, Harder, Hardest!

This one is super versatile and challenging. Take riders through hard, harder, and hardest efforts at 30 seconds, 1:00, 1:30 and 2:00. Repeat all but the 2:00 segment, give riders a quick chance to refuel, then challenge them to cross the finish line with whatever they have left in the tank.

You can coach this profile using RPE or Watts or both (of course).

If you use power meters and riders know their watts at threshold, you can coach to the numbers. And even if you do have power meters, you can use this profile to offer a “meter-free” class. Give riders the option to cover up the meters (just for one class!) and focus on connecting to their bodies and breath without using numbers. OR once they think they’ve achieved each of the “hard, harder, hardest” efforts, have them look at the watts to see where they are and whether the numbers reflect their RPE.

I use classic rock with this one. As always, make it your own. Have fun and stay awesome!

Hard, Harder, Hardest! Spin Profile

Hard, Harder, Hardest Spotify Playlist






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