HIIT ‘n Hills

Alternate between hills and HIIT! Four sets of hill efforts, five 1:1 HIIT sets and a mix to finish with one of my favorite “finish songs”.

This is a challenging ride so, as always, coach riders to manage intensity.  I’ve built in a few specific refuels and the hills can be below threshold. “Pace” in this profile is coaching riders to find a steady RPM, below threshold with enough resistance to have something to work with when it’s time to HIIT it.  Once they do, coach them to come back to pace. As the ride progresses and fatigue sets in, pace might feel different so give them the option to reduce resistance for the “off” portion, then add back in for the “on” portion.

Have fun, make it your own and let me know how it goes!

Stay safe, stay smart and STAY AWESOME!

HIIT 'n Hills Profile

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