This could also be called 50/50 – half hills, half speed in the saddle!

After the warm-up, coach to build a seated climb with moderate to high-end of moderate intensity over 3:30. Then crank up intensity and work just below, at, and just above threshold for the next 7:00. Work intensity however you think you should for your riders. Recover, then another 7:00 of climbs.

Following the second working recovery, we transitioned to flat roads. In #8, the arrows mean accelerate/increase RPMs. There’s also a precision in that 3:30 that you don’t have to follow – you can cue the accelerations to follow the tempo – which is what that timing does, but I have all of my playlists set for a 9 second crossfade so it might vary for you.

For #10, I cue three increases in RPMs – you will be approx. 2:00 into the song Liberate. Give them a quick <1:00 reprieve (optional), then use the first 1:00 of Saving Light to coach and motivate your riders to gear up to their best fast flat, then at 1:45 have them take off for the finish line. Coach it with enthusiasm and they will love it!

Have fun, make it your own and stay awesome!

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