How to Create a Ride Series

A cycling ride series is like a limited Netflix show – six or seven episodes focused on a central theme start to finish. If you have a consistent group of riders, creating a ride series is especially effective.

The first ingredient is a goal. What do you want your riders to achieve, learn or experience by the end of the series?

Years ago, I created a ride series that had each of these – achievement, learning and a specific experience. The goal was to take participants from indoor cycling basics to a 75-minute Journey ride in seven weeks. I led 30 women through bike set-up, movements, form, pedal stroke, and breath. These were the learning/skill goals. I created profiles that focused on building the aerobic and muscular endurance they would need to ride for 75 minutes. Completing the ride successfully was the achievement goal. We graduated into mind-body connection, visualization and flow – all key elements for the grand finale. These were at the heart of creating and realizing the experience goal.

Building a ride series creates a host of positives for your riders and you.

First, not only do your riders gain skills, learn new “why’s”, and have an awesome experience, but chances are you will too. Even if you are an experienced instructor, a ride series requires you to be on top of your game. You might need to read-up, brush-up and step-up to deliver!

Second, a ride series can foster a strong rider commitment to your classes and help build a following. Often the FOMO factor kicks in (fear of missing out) and riders become determined to finish what they started.

Third, your North Star for the next six, seven or eight rides is established. As we covered in our last two workshops, knowing the goal(s) for your ride is the first step in creating a smart profile AND saves you time – you’re not trying to think of ideas; you already have them!

We also covered that ride series correlate well with books for skill building, mental stamina and inspiration. For example, James Nestor’s book Breath, Why the Best are the Best by Kevin Eastman, Atomic Habits by James Clear, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and Livewired by David Eagleman. Take the key themes and apply them to your rides, both in the profile creation and your coaching.

External events – another source for ride ideas – can inspire a ride series, e.g. National Women’s Month. Introduce a different female athlete each class and built a ride around their challenges and successes!

You get the idea. And if you have an idea for a ride series and need inspiration for putting it into action, just let me know. I’ll chime in and ask the group for their thoughts as well.

Stay creative, stay motivated and, as always, STAY AWESOME!

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