In Like a Lion

Spring into Spring with this high energy mix of hills and speed with some friendly competition during the Lemonheads version of Mrs. Robinson.

For the competition, use the first 30 seconds of the song to create two teams – you can do front rows/back rows or right side/left side; whichever makes sense for your class set-up. Have Team 1 go hard out of the saddle in Hand Position 2 for 30 seconds, then switch. Team 1 recovers and Team 2 goes hard. Switch two more times for a total of 3:00. Play up the “competition” and have fun with this. Your rider’s will love it!

I kept the intensity level for the climbs and fast flats hard to very hard to “bring in that lion!”. If you do the same, be sure to coach the flat roads as recoveries and moderate efforts so they are set up for success for each challenge. Enjoy!



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