Jump for Joy

Well executed jumps are challenging – and this  ride provides that challenge!

Profile Summary: Four sets of jumps, preceded by seated climbs and standing climbs to give you the chance to coach the two moves that comprise a jump.

How to Read It: I’m using the flat road, seated and standing climb Spinning® symbols for this profile. Flat road= 80-110 RPM, box with line. Seated climb=60-80RPM, box filled in lower right.  Standing climb=60-80RPM, box filled in upper left. Use the flat roads for refuels; intensity for climbs=hard; intensity for jumps = hard to very hard.

Jumps in Hand Position Three Defined:  Combine a seated climb with a standing climb. Starting in a seated position with strong resistance, 60-80 RPM, after eight counts (pedal strokes), lead with your dominant leg to lift your body into a standing position, hands move from hand position two to hand position three (bullhorns). Ride hard for 8 counts, then lower your butt back to the saddle and repeat. Intensity is hard to very hard.

Coaching Tips: “Lift with your legs. Let your hands guide you to the bullhorns. Try not to pull yourself up. Lift versus pull as if your hands were not there to help.” After eight pedal strokes, I coach then to “Use your legs to escort your butt back to the saddle. No plopping. Make is smooth, seamless. Lift with your legs, lower with your legs. Your hands are there for balance and guidance. No pulling, no plopping!”

Playlist: You’ll notice each “jump” song is by Joybird – the inspiration for the ride and the ride title.

Have fun and jump for joy when it’s over!



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