Killer Climb Intervals

This week’s profile features four 6-8:00 climbs and is super versatile. You can coach this as an interval ride, a strength ride, or you can use outdoor visualization and coach your riders up a 43:00 four-tier climb with three plateaus.

For each of the intervals, riders are riding at a hard RPE in the saddle to hardest RPE (but not max effort) out of the saddle. You can also vary intensity within each interval depending on the fitness level of your riders and/or their energy level as the ride progresses. Interval speed is 60-80 RPM. I coach to start each at 80 RPM so they have room to build a steeper climb. The Time Totals shown are approximate.

If you’re not familiar with the Spinning® symbols, I have a quick reference graphic on the site under Profile Symbols (use the search feature). The graphic also shows the intensity level for each movement.

As always, read the room, make it your own and have fun with it!  The playlist is pure climbing music – enjoy!

Killer Climb Intervals Spotify Playlist



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