Lighter, Longer

To be able to go longer, stronger you have to train lighter, longer.

This week’s profile is Lighter, Longer: two 8:00 seated flat road Zone 2 intervals (moderate intensity) 90-95 RPM with 4:00 Zone 1 (light intensity) recoveries followed by two 7:00 seated flat Zone 3 (tempo) intervals (sort of hard intensity) 90-100 RPM with 4:00 Zone 1 (light intensity) recoveries. Zone 3 for tempo pace is a little faster and a little bit harder than what we’re asking for in Zone 2. Keep the focus on intensity and rider’s ability to hold a steady pace vs. exactly how fast they’re going. As long as they’re somewhere in the 90s with the proper intensity, they’re hitting the training goal.

I included detailed notes on how I coached this in an extra downloadable attachment. You’ll also note that in the profile the “full recovery” is actually the recovery time from the last interval (4:00). I structures it this way because it enables me to create a 45 minute ride vs. 49 minutes plus additional recovery.

Remember that I use a 9 second crossfade on Spotify, therefore, the total song times (when you add all of the song lengths) will be longer than what actually plays.

Lastly, I included two versions of the way the profile looks in case you’re like me and print out your notes to use in class. One has the songs included and one doesn’t. Take your pick!

Have fun and as always, share your feedback, questions and comments!

Lighter, Longer 2




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