Lovin’ Loops

Discovery, familiarity, proficiency, mastery. Lovin’ Loops gives your riders the repetition they need to explore the progressive steps toward mastering a movement!

After the warm-up, you’ll ride two different sets of loops for a total of seven sets finishing with a 3:00 progressively faster flat road. The first set is four loops, five minutes each: fast flat, seated climb, flat road, another seated climb, standing climb. If that’s not your language, the profile (below) gives position, RPM and intensity. The second set is three loops, six minutes each: seated climb, standing climb, fast flat, flat road, sprint, recovery. To finish, riders find a seated, hard intensity 80-90 RPM, then increase speed twice to finish hard and fast! If you need a longer ride than 45:00, it’s easy to add loops.

Your coaching can explore the four stages riders will experience (discovery, familiarity, proficiency, mastery) when they accept and stay committed to a new challenge!

As always, make it your own, have fun and Stay Awesome!

Lovin' Loops Cycle Profile




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