Meet It, Beat It

This profile is all about meeting and beating goals. The “meet it” goal is threshold; the “beat it” goal changes with each challenge and is set by the riders.

Have riders start by finding threshold (TH) for 2:00 then use that RPE or watts as their “meet it” goal (shown in the profile as an M); they set their “beat it” goal (shown as a “B”) for each challenge.

The “meet it ” goal is always a seated climb. The “beat it” movement changes for each of the six sets of challenges: first set standing climb, second set running flat, third set acceleration in the saddle, fourth set jumps in hand position 2, fifth set jumps in hand position 3, sixth set fast flat (RPM in the high 90s/low 100s).

Meet It Beat It! Spin Profile

Meet It, Beat It Spotify Profile






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