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One of the many things I love about indoor cycling is that it is like yoga. It’s a “practice”, a series of defined movements that flow when put together in a specific sequence, executed with strength, grace, focus and precision – and that you can spend a lifetime trying to master. Just like when I watch the stunning strength and seamlessness of experienced yogis flowing through a series of challenging movements, seeing a rider in my class move through sequences with power and grace gives me chills. Especially if I’ve had the privilege to watch them grow from their first class to their thirtieth or three hundredth class.

This profile is designed to bring focus to how we get from here to there – from the saddle to hand position 2 to hand position 3 and back; from slow to fast and vice versa. Coach it with a focus on the components of each movement and how seamlessly they can be put together, to flow.

I envision using this profile several times over a defined period of time to help riders gauge progress, not only in their fitness levels – this is a very challenging ride – but how they move through it. And to feel the connection between the two: it’s hard to move gracefully when you’re fatigued.

A few notes about the ride: Because there are so many 15 second segments, the timing shown might differ slightly from how you ride it based on your crossfade timing, clock resets, etc. If this level of precision is not your thing, pick the movements and ride to the rhythm but still coach how you get from one to the other.

Like I said, this ride is challenging (done with the proper resistance for hills and jumps), I can easily see riders becoming focused on getting through it vs. moving through it. It’s your job to coach the mindset it takes to have “grace under fire”!

Also related to timing, sometimes there will be time left on a song after doing what’s indicated or not quite enough – either stay with the last movement to the end of the song or use it as a quick refuel.

Lastly, I’m using the Spinning®. If you’re not familiar with them, do a search on the website for “symbols” and the chart you need will display.

Okay, after my longest profile introduction to date, it’s all yours!

Have fun, stay strong and stay AWESOME!

Move Through It IC Profile

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