Nail It! Intervals

If you’re riders are ready for a serious challenge, this profile is for them – seven intervals at best effort with 30 second accelerations. The first six intervals have riders discover which is more challenging: accelerating at the end of a 3:00 effort, in the middle or at the beginning. The last interval is 4:30 and tests what riders have left in their tanks.

Riders find their best 3:00 minute effort then use this number (watts) or RPE for each interval. Best effort = the perfect balance between resistance and cadence that creates a hard intensity they can sustain with good form and balanced breath for 3:00.

For the intervals with the accelerations in the middle and at the end, coach riders to use their mental discipline to come back to best effort – NOT dropping all the way back to recover as is often their instinct after a hard effort. When I ask riders which interval they thought was the hardest, it’s usually the ones with the accelerations at the middle or end for that very reason.

For the last interval, I coach them to do their best with what they have left in their tanks, recognizing that hitting best effort three times at this point can be super challenging.

The playlist has something for everyone. The first two songs are the warm-up. Cool down starts with Coming Back Around.

As always, if you use the profile/playlist, we love when you share how it went, how you changed it to fit your classes’ needs and any questions you might have. Stay awesome!

Nail It Profile




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  1. Nichole Arthur on June 16, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    Doing this ride tomorrow. Class is hour so getting in 3 rounds with the 3 min intervals, also working some progressive speed and hills between sets

  2. Karen Glooch on June 17, 2019 at 12:36 pm

    Very cool. Good adds. We’re excited to know how it goes!

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