No Comfort Zone

This profile is about embracing the discomfort of challenge and ultimately perceiving it as awesome!  Rider’s create their comfort zone after the warm-up, then challenge themselves to leave it with resistance, speed, or both, for the next two songs. You lay out the challenge during the next four songs, then riders determine their “no comfort zone” for the last two.

Lots of coaching opportunities for the power of “body follows mind”. How we interpret and react to discomfort is key. Not if, but how.

You can primarily use rate of perceived exertion for this ride and/or match it with metrics if that’s what makes your riders rise to the challenges you set for them and they set for themselves. Z1 = Easy, Z2=Moderate, Z3=Just below threshold (TH) sort of hard; Z4=Hard/at Threshold, Z5=Harder, Anaerobic/Over Threshold.  OOS HP3 = Out of the Saddle, Hand Position 3.




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