Pair Challenges

Nine pairs of moves – 40 seconds for one, 20 seconds for the other, repeated 3-4 times with four chances for rider’s to either recover or pick their own pairs.

You can add moves, swap moves, extend moves or use this profile as is.  If you do add additional/different pairs, keep transitions from one move to the next in mind, especially because the second move is only 20 seconds. For example, I don’t pair a high cadence seated flat with a seated or standing climb because of the time it would take to slow cadence, add resistance and adjust to the climb. Regardless of the ride, setting your riders up for smooth transitions can be the difference in a ride feeling well thought-out or one that feels spontaneous, which is a nice way of saying “winging it and hoping for the best”.

I’m using the Spinning® symbols for this profile because it’s easy to see the pairs at a glance. If you’re not familiar with them, just search symbols on our website for an explanation. (I love using them because I print out my rides and it allows me to keep the profile concise!)

This ride is fun, challenging and gives your riders insight to what makes a smooth transition AND four chances to try it on their own.




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