Pop/EDM vs. Rock Ladders

Two sets of ladders – up, then down – with a 3:00 twist on the last effort. Have rider’s find a sort-of-hard baseline (BL) to use as a starting point for each interval. From there, each effort adds a new movement to progress the ratio. For example, it starts with a 30 sec 1:1 ration (30 secs on/30 secs off), adds a fast flat (FF) to make it 2:1, etc. There are longer efforts right before the extended refuels so obviously those ratios break the pattern.

Some shorthand:  BL= Baseline; Off= Back off the effort; FF = Fast Flat (high cadence, seated); HP=Hand Position, OS=Out of the Saddle; Refuel=You can say recover, but riders don’t always need to truly recover, so I just coach riders to Refuel – do what they need to do to prep for the next effort.

Have fun – make it your own and let me know how it goes!

EDM vs Rock Cycle Profile

EDM vs Rock Ladders




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