Quiet Climb

Quiet Climb

I’ve found that I’m craving rides with less movement, longer steady challenges and opportunities for extended focus on form, breath and the nuances of what creates a mindful ride. This profile does that for me, and I hope it will do it for you and for your riders when they return, or now, if they’re riding at home or you teach in a state that is reopening.

Challenge yourself with three 7:00 and one 8:30 threshold ladder climbs, going from under threshold, at threshold and above, then work your way back down – arguably a bigger challenge because our tendency is to drop under TH after going over. The 1:00 durations for being over TH will help you to hold at TH on your way back down the ladder.

Like the last two profiles, this one supports opportunities to coach more deeply on form, pedal stroke, breath and flow. I stayed in the saddle for the entire ride except the over TH efforts where I used a standing climb. Add more movement if that works better for you.

As always, do your own thing by modifying as you see fit while still meeting the goals for the ride. Let me know if you have any questions or add a twist to the ride that you’d like to share.

Stay safe, stay awesome, and thank you for remaining dedicated to your craft during these challenging times-

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