Rock the Hills

Get your riders ready to climb!

After the warm-up, coach riders to build in a strong, steady climb over 6:00 – a great opportunity to get back to basics and coach pedal stroke technique. If you need a few tips, check out our video on Pedal Stroke Mechanics where Pam does a great job of taking us through the how, why and language of the almighty pedal stoke.

After a 2:00 flat, riders are challenged with three 5:00 loops with a 2:00 working recover between. Each loop has four moves: jumps on a hill, seated climb, flat, and a standing climb. The final two challenges take riders up a cadence ladder starting at 80 RPM to 100 RPM over 4:00, then back down.

The goal over the last 5:00 is to coach riders to decrease RPM by adding resistance (not just by slowing their legs!) and build a big enough climb by the last minute that they want to get out of the saddle and take it home with a super strong effort. If you’re newer to teaching and want to learn more about how to coach jumps, flats or hills, we have videos on every movement so pop some popcorn and enjoy!

The playlist: The Black Crows set the tone for this one. I love climbing to their sound. As always, if that’s not your vibe, swap in your music and make it your own. Have fun and stay awesome!

Spin Class Playlist Rock The Hills

Rock the Hills Spotify Playlist



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