Second Chances

These 6:00-8:00 plus intervals set riders up for success: do it, then do it again! Alternate between strength & speed with recoveries between.

Second chances/do-overs – however you think about them – are ripe for coaching mental and physical approaches to tackling intervals. I’m including my mental coaching notes in the download. If they resonate with you, use them as a jumping off point for your own words and thoughts.

Profile notes: The interval timing isn’t exact so just ride it out after the effort. For example, for the first interval (comprised of songs 1 & 2) “Spa” is 4:27 (I use a 7 second crossfade) so there is about 20 seconds left after you finish the 1:30 seated climb/ :30 standing climb, twice, for a total of 4:00. Just go into a flat road to finish out the timing of the song.

If you have questions, as always, leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you!

Second Chances Spotify Playlist



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