Here’s your chance to give each indoor cycling movement the spotlight! Each song in this Rhythm Ride begins with a Flat Road (FR) for prep re-fuel or recovery (whichever your rider needs), then spotlights one movement – except for the last song where you bring it home using five movements. Challenging, coachable and dynamic!

Remember that I use a 9 second crossfade so the exact timing will differ depending on what you use. As always, give it a practice run if you have time before teaching it so that you can make it your own.

Here’s a quick video with coaching tips on jumps and sprints:

Profile notes:

FR=Flat Road, FF=Fast Flat, OOS=Out of the Saddle, HP=Hand Position, TH=Threshold.

When I use a slash (/) it means two movements are used as a set. For example, in the third song, Live Before You Die, after a 50 second Flat Road, do 30 seconds Out of the Saddle in Hand Position 2, back to seated for 30 seconds, then repeat.

Spotlight Cycling Profile

Spotlight FSF Spotify Playlist




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