This ride can be coached as thematic or just as shown without the thematic coaching.

Coaching for a thematic ride. The inspiration for Spring Step is the transition from winter to spring and how we experience this mix of two very different seasons, physically and mentally.  Emphasize emotional connections – to the music, from body to bike, pedal stroke to rhythm, and winter and spring scape visualization. It’s a fantastic ride to find flow and lose track of time. Coach the intensity and speed  shown, but invite riders to follow how they feel if those feelings take them somewhere different than what you’re offering.

Key themes: quite energy of winter, the vibrant energy of spring, gratitude for things that are especially important in winter-things not everyone has: shelter, heat, food, hot water, etc. Seeing beauty in not only the brilliant blue skies of winter, but also cold grayness.  The desire for spring to come faster than it will. Accepting the pace knowing we can’t change it. Finding joy in the days that seem to exist in two seasons at once.  Enjoying the sometimes loud energy of spring: bursts of color, promise of warmth, beauty of spring-green fields, early blooming trees and plants.



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