Yep, three sets of sprints sprinkled throughout this super challenging profile. Get your riders ready for explosions of pure energy, fast flats, stretches of strength endurance, recovery and repetition, and above all, the will to meet the challenges this profile offers!

Tips for the ride: Jumps HP2 = Four-count jumps using hand position 2; Prep to Sprint = coach riders to build enough resistance to be able to exert max energy for 10-15 seconds either in or out of the saddle. Describe the effort as breathless and if they don’t completely need the recovery or could have gone longer they probably didn’t go hard enough. As always, remind them that they are responsible for listening to their bodies. The term “sprint” gets tossed around a lot and used to mean less intense efforts than they actually are or worse, there’s no prep for the efforts and no recoveries afterwards. Sprints are serious stuff-coach them wisely!

Visit our Five Spokes YouTube channel and get a coaching refresher on sprints that I did for a previous sprint profile. Enjoy!

Sprint Trio Spotify Playlist

Sprint Trio FSF Profile



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