Steady Strength

This profile’s all about sustaining sort-of-hard to hard efforts then hitting threshold and holding for a max. of 2:00. It has a lot of variety to keep riders engaged while they train muscular endurance.

The symbols in #4 mean the following:  jumps (moving in and out of the saddle) in hand position two; jumps in hand position three (strong resistance); out of the saddle, hand position two, higher RPM than a climb; flat road.

If you’re not familiar with jumps or looking for tips on how to coach them, check out our two videos on jumps.

The first two songs are used for the warm-up. The last song is Waste a Moment. The full recovery starts with The Walker.

As always, make it your own and let us know how it goes or how you improved it!

Spin Class Steady Strength

Steady Strength Spin Class Playlist



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