Surges and Sprints!

Six sets of surges (say that six times!), two sets of sprints, and a progressive climb. Riders find a steady pace at 65-70 RPM, (song BPM mid-120s) and intensity is just below or at threshold.

For each surge, riders increase RPM to their choice (surge) and increase intensity to just above threshold. Then it’s back to steady pace at or below threshold.

For the Sprints, same steady pace at 65-70 RPM just below or at threshold. Prep riders physically by increasing intensity to exceed threshold. Prep them mentally to get ready to give Max Effort, then Sprint at Max Effort. Recover and repeat.

Our Five Spokes YouTube channel has videos on tips for coaching Sprints and it could be a great time to revisit the article “Sprinting or Accelerating?” on our website.

A note about the playlist: I use a seven-second fade on my Spotify playlists so factor that in for the timing if you use a different fade duration or no-fade.

Have fun! Make it your own, and let me know if you have any questions.



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