Surprise Me is a “freestyle ride” – the movements follow my interpretation of the music like a “rhythm ride” (except I use energy vs. BPM) – with three sets of pedal stroke drills.

After the warm-up, take riders through rollers/pick-ups. Have them find a steady pace, briefly pick up speed, then drop back to pace. For the non-pedal stroke focused rides, follow the movements and intensity shown for each song.  There is a lot of movement in and out of the saddle so I coach riders to listen to their bodies and stay seated or skip the jumps if that’s what makes sense for them.

For the pedal stroke focused songs, riders find and hold a steady RPM, intensity under threshold for the duration shown, then coach them to push slightly harder on the down stroke (have them visualize 1:00 to 5:00 on the face of a clock) letting the other leg go light, then switch legs.

The purpose is to create awareness of “the important mundane” – the things we do so often that sometimes we forget to do them well. Ask riders to surprise themselves and bring meaning to the mundane. You can extend the surprise theme in a variety of ways. Use your imagination!

To give this ride a try, download the profile and go to page two.

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