TAKE OFF! 45:00

Get ready to take your riders on six rounds of fast, faster, fastest challenges with a round of sprints in the middle.

How fast are the fasts? Use the first round (#2 in the profile) to find out. If you have meters, riders can capture each effort – RPMs and Watts – and use those numbers as a baseline for the rest of the ride. If not, RPE works just fine!

#3 – Refuel (recover as necessary) for 2:00, then have riders gradually add resistance and speed during minute 3 to be ready to give their fastest effort.

#4 – Bam! Take off for 1:00, then back off speed for 30 sec. Repeat 2 times for a total of 3 rounds.

#5 – Refuel for 2:00, then have riders gradually add resistance during minute 3 to be ready to climb.

#6 – In the saddle with a big gear for 1:00, then out of the saddle driving hard for :30, then adding a pedal stroke for the next :30. Take it back to the saddle, lightening the resistance a bit and driving hard and fast for 1:30.

#7 & #8 – Refuel, then coach riders to prep for two rounds of 20 second sprints.

#9 & #10 – Refuel and repeat #6 but finishing with a 2:00 effort

#11 & #12 – Refuel and finish how you started: fast, faster, fastest!

The profile: I use the first song for the warm-up, then the first minute of the next song to have riders add resistance and speed to and get ready for the first effort. The last song is Safe Inside You. Beat 54 is the 2:00 cool down and start of stretches.

Have fun, make it your own and let us know how it goes! Stay awesome!

Spin Class Take Off

Take Off Spin Class Playlist



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