Get ready to roll and have some fun! This ride features 3 “chases” that will leave riders with empty tanks.

1st chase – Rider’s test out their legs with a :20 acceleration, back off for :20, then find their best fast flat for 1:00.

2nd chase – Gear up and go for best fast flat riders can hold for 2:30 (killer).

3rd chase – This is the big finale: :45 to find a baseline RPM, then split the class into teams (front row, back row; left side, right side, whatever works) and have one team kick their best fast flat for 1:00 while the other team holds their baseline; switch, repeat; then repeat for :30; bring everyone back together to give it their all for the last minute!

This was a big hit. Riders loved it and it’s one of my favorite playlists. Enjoy!

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