Threshold Duration Ladder

Nine sets of intervals that take riders to threshold (TH) from 30 seconds to two minutes. Here’s how it goes: Coach riders to use the first :30 seconds of each song to find Threshold, then ride the efforts at Threshold/recover for :30 and repeat for the number of times shown (e.g. x3 means 3 times total minus the first :30). The timing is not precise so sometimes you won’t have a full :30 to recover at the end of the interval. Factor in your crossfade if you use one.

If you want a refresher on threshold and how to coach it, we have threshold videos on this site for you.

Also of note:

– I use songs 5 & 6 (Beggin’ and Make Me Feel) together to make one interval

– As you come down the ladder (Slow Burn song #9 and Carry Us #10) there isn’t a :30 start or finish. (By this time they know how to get to TH quickly.)

– Song #11, Every Time I Cry, starts with a recovery to make up for the no recovery in the previous song.

– The final, song #12, One Night Away, is a mix of movements to finish strong.

Have fun – Stay Awesome!

Threshold Duration Ladder Ride



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