Tip Top Technique

This is profile 3 of the 5 we’re using this month to help riders identify and train specific performance goals (started with our July 6 Fuel for Focus profile).

After the warm-up and cadence play, have riders capture their best 4:00 strong, seated best effort. From there, coach riders on pedal stroke, cadence changes, and smooth jumps. Pepper your coaching with myth-busters about what makes a great ride: tightening abs (inhibits breath!), more sweat means more benefit (nope), and our favorite: no recovery necessary or I’m too fit for recovery. Remind riders that, just like a bank account after a big purchase, we all need to be replenished!

Finish the ride with another 4:00 strong, seated best effort. Have riders measure it (RPE/meters) and compare it to the first 4:00 effort. Explore “the why” of any differences.

Tip Top Technique Profile

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