Tool Time!

High performance is commitment to continual refinement! Polish up on your form and pedal stroke cues (check out our videos on pedal stroke and what robs riders of performance) to coach this ride. Challenge riders to bring quality over quantity. Help them identify and eliminate the common culprits that rob performance. Begin with a quick group set-up check-up to emphasize the importance of revisiting set-up every six months. Cue form every 10 minutes or so throughout the ride and coach to cultivate a seated circular flow of energy with each pedal stroke.

The profile starts with 27 minutes of lower resistance, then building speed and dialing-in alignment and pedal stroke. From there, load up resistance to take those tools where it’s harder and heavier. Peak performance begins with physical mastery – give riders the tools and guidance to hammer!

Rock this ride and let us know how it goes!

Tool Time! Spin Profile





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