Touch of Tabata

Well, maybe more than a touch :)!  After the warm-up and a series of pick-ups (accelerations) to prep, riders tackle three Tabata sets: first set in the saddle, second one give the option to do out of the saddle (OOS) and the third a mix of 4 in/4 out.  As always, riders have the option to stay in the saddle. The fourth and last set is rider’s choice in or out of the saddle. The ride finishes with a 30 sec. prep, then four rounds of  :10 hard/:20 off and a fast flat to finish.

I rode with Colleen Fisher at Crunch in Chevy Chase, MD this morning and she did a great job prepping riders for a Tabata set (the last challenge of her ride – awesome!): seated climb for about 50 sec., then out of the saddle hand position three to generate power and momentum, then on a 3,2,1 count back to the saddle and go! She also inspired me last week to break up the sets in this profile with a climb and a fast flat (FF). Love this community!

The playlist is a mix of classic rock and new rock. If you’re in the mood for something different, try swapping in a few of the premixed Tabata tunes you can find on Spotify. If you use my playlist, you’ll see that it’s a continuous play vs. matching each song to each effort, i.e. a Tabata set will use all of one song and maybe a minute or less of another song.

Rock the house ya’ll!!

Touch of Tabata Cycling Profile

Touch of Tabata Spotify Playlist




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