This is a different kind of ride! Nine songs including warm-up and cool down, all tribal beat music (except for the last song) designed for riders to use their imaginations and ride seven different roads that they create. No coaching from me on movement or intensity – their road, their choices.

However, I did coach pedal stroke during the first song after the warm-up (Solar Storm) to help set them up for success in connecting to the bike, the rhythm and flow. It’s 8:00 – perfect for focusing on each quadrant of their pedal stroke with each leg seperately, bringing attention to the muscle groups that fire as their legs turn. I also emphasized mental flow, encouraging riders to close their eyes (if they are comfortable with that), meld the beats, the connection points to their bike (hands, sits bones, balls of their feet) and feel the energy the circles their pedal strokes can create.

I suspect some of you might think that your riders wouldn’t enjoy a ride like this, but I encourage you to try it! They look to you to create experiences and respect your knowledge of how their bodies work on the bike. This ride adds the mental magic you can create.

To me, there’s nothing like being able to go anywhere my mind can take me on a stationary bike. I tell riders that the roads I imagine riding involve clouds instead of pavement. I love the irony of being able to go anywhere on a stationary bike!

Be confident and rock this thing!


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